Student Amsterdam Model United Nations (SAMUN) is a Foundation that stimulates the participation of university students in simulations of the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations, such as the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). As of 2014, SAMUN officially is a foundation with an ANBI-status.


Through professional trainings, SAMUN prepares its delegates to exercise diplomacy and the rule of law in practice. With these simulations students  become familiar with the United Nations and its procedures. Moreover, it can help develop a passion for international relations.


For over a period of more than fifteen years, SAMUN delegations have visited various well-known international conferences, such as Harvard Model United Nations, PIMUN in Paris, SMUN in Stockholm and LIMUN in London. Previous delegations also successfully participated in national conferences such as GrunnMUN, TiuMUN and DIMUN. Our widespread participation in MUNs has resulted in many Best Delegate Awards and honourable mentions.


Besides participating in various national and international MUNs, SAMUN continuously strives to improve its activities by cooperating with other organizations, such as UNISCA, DIMUN, the OPCW and the University of Amsterdam.


SAMUN is a growing Foundation with high ambitions. Our goal is to motivate students to enhance their professional public speaking, research and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, SAMUN aims to create a network of students from all backgrounds and nationalities who share the same interest.


We are always looking for university-level students who are eager to develop or improve their lobby- and debating skills. We welcome anyone who shares our passion for Model United Nations. Join the SAMUN family!