A Model United Nations (MUN) conference is a simulation of a working session of a United Nations committee, such as the Human Rights Council or the Security Council. Each participant represents a country from the committee’s actual members. During formal and informal debates, global issues and affairs are discussed with the overarching goal of producing one or more resolutions. These resolutions try to tackle contemporary global issues by providing effective solutions.


MUNs make use of the Rules of Procedure of the UN, and the working language during debates is English.


As a delegate, you are required to act in line with your country’s point of view. Therefore, delegates need to become familiar with their country’s international interests, activities and alliances, as well as the assigned topic, by doing extensive research.


Participating in a MUN therefore helps students to deepen their knowledge of international relations and diplomacy. In addition, by putting their knowledge into practice they significantly improve their negotiation, debating, and public speaking skills.

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