Executive Board 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Jim Boevink


Latin American Studies

"Every expert was once a beginner.” - Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States.

That counts for me too. This summer I got honorably nominated for the Presidency of our beautiful Foundation for the coming year. I finished a bachelor program in History and now I’m aiming for a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies. I’m looking forward to a new and exciting academic year where we, as SAMUN, are going to meet so many new bright students from all over the world who we are going to make even brighter. On top of that, I will personally learn a lot from my position as the chairman of this organization.

Leah Fremgen


European Studies

I’m currently in my second year of European Studies, with a major in European History. I have been interested in international relations for as long as I remember and have joined two previous Delegations abroad.


As the Secretary, I hope to take my interest to the next level. Besides working and studying I enjoy travelling in my free time, going to festivals, spending time with friends or family and consuming vast amounts of coffee.

Aarony Zade

Event Coordinator

International Business Administration

I fell in love with debating at an early age and it played a significant role in improving my grasp of English. Later on, I developed a penchant for history and geopolitics; because no book of fiction felt ever as riveting as reading about rise and fall of empires, governments and leaders. SAMUN gave me an opportunity to combine my two interests, travel and share my perspectives with international delegates.

As the event-coordinator, I plan on putting my academic background to practice by managing the administrative side of the events we put together year round. But most importantly, I want to arrange unforgettable experiences for the delegates who come through our wonderful foundation.

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Sergey Kryachkov



My name is Sergey, and I will be representing the SAMUN Foundation as Vice President this year. Following my passion for international relations and curiosity regarding all these horrible issues waiting for solution, I find MUN indeed a great opportunity to put oneself out of the comfort zone and seek for it. 

Besides following my main responsibilities that include external relations with partners of the Foundation and internal coordination of the board, I expect to develop the activity of SAMUN to a totally new level.

Ana-Luiza Kooij


International Business Administration

My name is Ana Luiza Kooij and I have to honour of holding the position of Treasurer for the SAMUN foundation. As treasurer my main responsibility is as the watchdog of all financial aspects of the foundation. I ensure that all fiscal responsibilities are met and that I maintain oversight and provide financial reporting through the financial year report. I work closely with other board members and the Head Delegates of our delegations, to communicate budgets and assist in sponsoring activities.

General Board


SAMUN has a Board of Directors and a Board of General Affairs. The Board of General Affairs consists of previous SAMUN Board Members. Their job is to provide guidance to the Board of Directors regarding long-term planning and decision-making. The Board of General Affairs also acts as a safeguard to preserve the values SAMUN was built upon.

The Board of General Affairs currently consists of:

President: Jonna Luijten

VP: Lara Alias

Treasurer: Fleur Valk

Secretary: Maite van Rinsum

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