Over fifteen years ago a group of highly motivated friends prepared for and attended a Model United Nations (MUN). They were part of a delegation from the University of Amsterdam.


After this experience, more and more eager students from Amsterdam joined them in their preparations for MUNs throughout Europe. Eventually, this led to a network of experienced delegates who taught less experienced delegates the skills needed to participate in MUNs. This became the basis for Student Amsterdam Model United Nations (SAMUN).


In 2014 SAMUN officially became a Foundation. Its founders are Cate van Kessel, Arthur van Seggelen, Lianne Schmidt, Ruben Pellikaan and Nick Snelleman. The Foundation has a long-term policy plan and yearly financial reports, which are publicly available through our website.


Moreover, SAMUN as a Foundation is highly focused on the following principles:

  • A commitment to excellence

  • Embracing diversity

  • Expanding an international network of motivated students