2019-2020 Academic year 

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Ira Puzyr


My name is Iryna Puzyr. I am a 2nd year Economics and Business Economics student and Secretary for SAMUN for this year. I’m the person behind the emails from the Foundation, so here I am in charge of basically interacting with everyone. I have tried MUN last year, and it was awesome experience that made me join the board this year. I hope to contribute greatly to the work of SAMUN of this year.


Zac Rahman

Event Coordinator 

My name is Zak Rahman, and I am a 3rd year PPLE student and the Events Manager of SAMUN for this year. In addition to my primary task of organizing our OPCW conference in the Hague, I run trainings for our MUN conferences throughout the year, and help supervise and organize those conferences both at home in Amsterdam and abroad on the trip. I have been involved with SAMUN for all three years of my university life, and believe it has greatly influenced my time in Amsterdam. My love of MUN, travel, and meeting new people has found a welcome home in this SAMUN board, and I am honored to serve this year.


Siyi Jin

My name is Siyi Jin, and i am currently in the second year of Economics. So far i haved joined two delegations with SAMUN and it really helps me to get my interest in international relations and hobby of travelling combined. From these amazing experiences, i get clearer plan and solider determination for my future. This year, i honourably hold the position of PR manager. Handling all the SAMUN media channels, planning and coordinating all the promotions are basically my jobs. Lastly, i hope our board this year can bring SAMUN to a totally new level.

Public Relation 



​Sofiya Koba


In June 2019, I got honourably chosen for the position of Presidency of Student Amsterdam Model United Nations Foundation. Before doing a Board year as the President of SAMUN, I was the Secretary-General for six months and joined the delegation to Stockholm in 2018 as Head delegate. Currently, I am doing the second year of BSc in Economics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

As the President of SAMUN, I am responsible for the functioning of the organisation, board members, interviews, head delegates, and leading and coordinating the Board with the execution of tasks.

I am excited for the upcoming year to reach great success together with the Board!


Andrei Hrescanu

My name is Andrei. I am a second-year student and the Vice President of SAMUN.  My main job is to manage the organisation from a financial point of view:  it is vital to possess the necessary funding for achieving our goals. Moreover, I am in charge of the team-building of the board: the trust that we build between each other determines the quality of our communication and collaboration. 

I look forward to transforming our plans into successful projects during the upcoming year.


Pearse Quinn


My name is Pearse Quinn and I have been appointed as treasurer of SAMUN for 2019. I will make sure that all financial aspects of the association are kept in good order and I will have a good other view on SAMUN as a whole. I will be conducting some of the trainings for our delegations and make sure that our delegates have a positive and enriching experience in MUNs around Europe.

Vice President