Our delegation to Stockholm MUN 2019!!!




Our delegation this year to Stockholm MUN is made up of  students from University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University and ONCAMPUS etc. They specialise mainly in PPLE, Economics and Business Administration. Before the conference, trainings were offered to get well-prepared no matter which level you are.

Our Delegation


Well , SMUN is way more than just debating and achieving related resolutions. In every evening during the conference period, parties were going on and diplomatic dinner also took place to provide all the delegates with more networking opportunities. 

Social Events


UN Security Council , UN Women Council , UN Environmental Programme , UN Crisis Committee....

Delegates from SAMUN participated in various commitees to explore the fields they are interested in. And we are so excited to share that our delegate Zac won the Best Delegate of the UN Security Council Committee. 

Well done, everyone!



Taking off our suits, our delegates definitely would not miss the perfect chance to explore this wonderful city Stockholm! Museums, shopping streets and so on all have been covered with our delegates' footprints!

Travel in Stockholm!!