Every year SAMUN is looking for new university-level students that wish to take their interest in international relations to the next level. Three times a year SAMUN carefully selects and trains a delegation for an abroad MUN. In addition, SAMUN organizes one-day MUNs twice a year. This means that you have at least five opportunities each year to apply as a delegate. Application periods for international MUNs run every few months, starting in September. The MUN at the OPCW is usually organized in November and the SAMUN-UNISCA MUN around April.


The application process starts off with an announcement on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and the website. In addition, we give presentations at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. During the application period you are able to send in your letter of motivation and CV. After the application deadline, the Board carefully goes through each application and, for an international MUN, selects a group of 20-25 delegates. Generally, we value motivation and enthusiasm more than previous experience. Moreover, our aim is to strive for diversity, so we welcome students from diverse academic disciplines and nationalities.


As a SAMUN delegate you will be part of group of highly motivated students that share an interest in international relations and diplomacy. You will be required to participate in seven or eight trainings, usually on Monday evening.


During the trainings, you will practice your public speaking skills during mock debates, learn how to write working papers, and become familiar with the Rules of Procedure. Your trainer will give you weekly assignments, which require a few hours of work a week. The amount of time and effort you invest in these assignments makes a huge difference to how you will perform at the actual conference.


As part of the training schedule, you will furthermore participate in a national one-day conference or open SAMUN simulation during which you will practice your skills with students from all over the Netherlands or with experienced SAMUN delegates.


The shorter simulation is the perfect way to get ready for the ‘real deal’. The climax of the training course is also the most fun of your SAMUN experience: the trip abroad with your delegation. During these couple of days, you will be actively debating, negotiating and writing resolutions within your committee. During evening hours, the hosting MUN organization offers social events where you get to know other delegates from around the globe. Besides that, you will have plenty of time to get to know the city where you will be staying and bond with your delegation.